About A+ Quality Cleaners Inc.

We are a full service cleaning company providing clients across Nova Scotia with affordable cleaning services. We take pride in the quality of our work, and thus, our employees are given proper time to get the job done right and follow the strict electronic sign in and out procedures on every job. We have no need for a highly visible expensive retail space to sell our services therefore severely reducing our overhead and giving us the ability to pass those savings on to you. This combined with our extensive training and quality control program, ensures that our customers are getting the best service possible and highest value for their dollar.

30+ Years Experience

With 30+ years in the cleaning industry and operating as an independent business for more than 9 years, A+ Quality Cleaners Inc. has the experience and knowledge to build solutions for any type of cleaning need.

Bonded & Certified

We're proud to be a Safety Certified company with Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. Our company is always up to date with Workers’ Compensation insurance and can provide valid clearance letters at anytime. A+ is fully insured including a robust $5,000,000 liability insurance policy for added piece of mind.

Available Anytime

We can work for you anytime; day or night. If needed, our management isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, either! We're dedicated to making sure tasks get done right and get done on time. We work efficiently, without cutting corners or hurrying the job.

Any Type of Cleaning

Windows. Floors. Dishes. You name it, we clean it. A+ Quality Cleaners Inc. is available for any and all types of cleaning for clients big and small, both short term and long term. Scheduled or emergency cleaning assistance. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs.

After firing our previous cleaning company and hiring A+ a few months ago, our facility is clean once again. I am very pleased at the level of service and competitive prices. Our cleaner is friendly, has good communication with our staff and deals with concerns immediately.

Courtney H.
Trecan Combustion Technology Solutions

Here at Transcontinental Printing we have been utilizing the services of A+ Quality Cleaners Inc. since January 2014. They are responsible for premises total in excess of 72,000 sq footage... we are satisfied with the services provided and will be renewing our contract. Additionally, we have used A+ for striping and waxing our vinyl floors with excellent results... We are pleased to recommend that you consider A+ for your commercial cleaning requirements.

Langis M.,
Maintenance Coordinator, Transcontinental Printing

We have been using A+ since 2008, and have always been satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer competitive prices. Whenever we have dealt with anyone at A+, they have been professional, accommodating and courteous... Our plant can get quite dusty and they have proved that they are up to the challenge. I feel certain you will be as satisfied with their cleaning services as we have been.

Lisa M.
Fin. Services Coordinator, Marid Industries Ltd.


No job too big or small, and no cleaning task we can't handle. We strongly believe in charging a fair price for services rendered. We are not interested in tricking clients into signing long term binding contracts. If fact, all of our contracts (or as we say, 'customer service agreements') have an escape clause which can be exercised at any time. Core areas of cleaning specialty include: Hard surface floors, Carpets, Tile grout, Complete small office cleaning, Complete large office cleaning, Garbage removal, Dusting, House cleaning, Vacuuming, Sweeping, Retail space cleaning (after hours or during operation), Stripping floors, Waxing floors, Deep scrubbing floors (low speed with chemical), Spray buffing, Electric burnishing (high speed polishing), Propane burnishing (very high speed polishing), Construction cleaning (short or long term), Blood born pathogen chemical treatment and clean up, and more. The only thing we won't clean out is your wallet.

Commercial Cleaning

Our slogan “Your Satisfaction is Our Goal” is something we take seriously with all customers. From the larger 90 hour per week customers to the 2 hour once per month customer, all commercial cleaning clients get the proper attention and respect. Our employees are trained to clean a wide variety of surfaces and situations such as those found at steel fabricating shops, mechanic shops, recycling depots, dirtiest of washrooms, kitchens, bars, pubs, restaurants, small business offices, large office buildings, schools, laboratories, hospitals and more.

Floor Care

First impressions are everything! The first thing everybody notices after opening the door to any building, is the floor. The condition of your floor can reflect how you run the rest of your business. We can provide you with a wide variety of options for different floor finish applications. With our large fleet of various sized auto-scrubbers, swing machines, propane and electric burnishers we are fully equipped to match the right tools to the application. Whether looking for basic floor protection or you are looking for that high gloss, easily cleanable, great first impression floor, we have you covered.

Construction Cleaning

Whether you are looking for someone to clean a one day job move in/out residential or commercial building or a large scale construction cleaning project lasting several months or years, we have the experience to get the job done and get it done right. Safety is our top priority and the backbone of our company. A+ Quality Cleaners Inc. has successfully met all the requirements of a health and safety management system audit that meets the WCB Safety Certified Audit Standard. Construction cleaning is just one of the many markets in which we specialize, so contact us to learn more!

Contact A+ Today

Now that you've found us online, it's time to get in touch. Give us a call or e-mail, or fill our the form below to send a message. As a full service cleaning company, we encourage you to contact us to discuss any cleaning needs or cleaning service questions you may have. We're here to help out!